My vision

Bringing a better birth

Expert midwife and hypnobirthing teacher, Alice du Preez, is dedicated to delivering better pregnancy and birth experiences to all. Specialising in hypnobirthing, pregnancy yoga and pregnancy massage – with a side of tea and biscuits and a good old natter!

Introducing Alice du Preez

Trust me, I’m a midwife – I’ve got you and you’ve got this!

Hello, I’m Alice du Preez and I’m right here – at the end of the phone or email – ready and waiting to help you make the most of your pregnancy and ensure a calm and confident birth.

From the moment you find out that you are carrying a baby, you are going to be tuned into your body in a way that you never have been before. You are ever-changing, your baby is ever-growing, and that due date will seem forever away one minute, and uncomfortably close the next!

You’re going to find yourself spoilt for choice when it comes to all things pregnancy and birth and I want to take this opportunity to stress how important it is that you are completely happy with your support network. Don’t rush into anything and do your research. Please don’t book the first teacher or practitioner that you see – even if it is me!

Speaking of which, here is my story…

As well as being a qualified hypnobirthing and pregnancy yoga teacher and fully trained in pregnancy massage, I have been a midwife for 7 years now. I was a caseload midwife living in London before moving to the northwest. This meant I had the privilege of caring for women throughout their whole pregnancy journey and as new mums. I made real relationships with them and their families, which was incredible. Since moving, I have worked as a high-risk delivery suite midwife, caring for women with more complicated births and doing everything I can to support them to have a gentler birth experience. I love the variation and experience that my work has brought me, but I do miss caseload midwifery. There is something incredibly special about providing continuity of care, not only because it supports women to have better births but also because I find those relationships and that feeling of true connection so nourishing.

I LOVE cloth nappies, baby wearing, cycling, wild swimming (occasionally in the nude – full disclosure!), climbing and all things outdoorsy. In fact, I worked for years as an outdoor Duke of Edinburgh leader. Don’t let this fool you though, I also have a hankering for the finer things in life and love nothing more than a good pampering. I’m pretty much obsessed with wellbeing and the relationship between physical and mental wellbeing and emotional strength.
As well as ‘work and play Alice’, there is also ‘Alice the mother’. I have two beautiful children and they (and my experience of carrying and birthing them) are one of my greatest inspirations.

Book with me and you get all the Alice’s! Ask me anything and I will be glad to help – I’m educated, trained and experienced – I’m also human, totally down-to-earth and have a wicked sense of humour. Even if I do say so myself!
Being a midwife is a huge part of my identity as a person and I love supporting women in birth. I live off making birth better for women, striving to learn about holistic midwifery, medical management, optimal foetal positioning, labour care, postnatal care, breastfeeding etc. It is my gig and I love it.

Whatever your story, whatever your circumstances, I believe I can help.

So that’s me. What do you think? Go size up some other hypnobirthing teachers and I will be here if you want me. Whatever you decide, please remember that you’ve absolutely got this.

My qualifications and experience list

Current work

As a midwife in roles as Band 6 delivery suite midwife and Audit Midwife with responsibility of investigating neonatal admissions to the neonatal unit and implementing change to prevent future admissions. Lancashire Teaching Hospitals Oct 2014 to present day

Previous roles

Caseload Community Midwife Guy’s and St Thomas’s NHS Trust Sept 2013 to Sept 2014

Further training and qualifications

• Modules as part of a Masters in Midwifery at the University of Central Lancashire, alongside working, including current study for mentorship and sign off mentorship commenced Sept 2015
• BSc Midwifery Studies with Registration as a Midwife King’s College London 2009-2013
• Attending the Virtual International Day of the Midwife yearly
• Attendance at the Normal Birth study day 2014 by the Royal Society of Medicine and Preventing the first Caesarean Section 2016
• Perineal Suturing workshops GSTT 2014 and LTHTR 2016
• Attendance at a ‘Normal Birth’ 1 day workshop by Sara Whickam 2015
• Attendance at a ‘Midwifery Today’ conference 3 day 2014 with 1 day Rebozo and Spinning Babies training
• Attendance at ‘Essential Midwifery Care’ 3 day course Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine/WHO April 2016
• Completed ‘Diploma in Tropical Nursing: Diseases of Tropical Medicine for Nurses’ Course at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine May 2016 3 weeks. Graduated
• July to November 2016 Sabbatical to Nepal with Rural Assistance Nepal supporting small clinics and hospitals in remote locations.
• North of England Breech Conference -2 Day March 2017
• Royal Society of Medicine Event ‘A Risky Business’ May 2017

Massage Training

  • Swedish Massage with Scottish Massage Schools January-July 2018
  • Pregnancy Massage training with Wellmother July 2018

Most recent hypnobirthing & yoga training

• KG Hypnobirthing training course accredited by the RCM, August 2017
• Essential Hypnosis for Hypnobirthing Teachers with Ruth Olayinka & Nigel Hetherington, June 2019
• Three Step Rewind Training with MAM & Ruth Olayinka, Feb 2019
• Training with Abby Watson, Hypnobirthing Teaching & Resources Bundle, March 2019
• Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training with Creative Calm and Trybe March 2020
• Early Adopter Why Postnatal Recovery Matters Online Course April-August 2020
• Sara Wickham Gathering in the Knowledge July 2020

Future Training Courses booked with

(delayed from 2020 due to Covid-19):
• Spinning Babies Workshop with Rachel Shapiro 2021
• Molly O’brien Biomechanics for Birth booked for March 2021

Links to my training courses

What I love

What I do

  • 01.

    Hypnobirthing Teacher

    Dedicated to bettering birth experiences for the whole family
  • 02.

    Pregnancy Yoga Teacher

    Genuine northern heart and soul
  • 03.

    Postnatal Care & Support

    Full and comprehensive prenatal and postnatal care – not forgetting the magical bit in the middle!

Tell me all about you!

Or alternatively just get in touch on 07823321103
I’d love to hear from you,

Love Alice x