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You are growing a baby!! Congratulations! BUT are you feeling like you are nurtured in your pregnancy? Is your bump feeling pampered or tired and heavy? Hey you, yes you! I see you and I’d love to help. My name is Alice Davies and I’m an experienced midwife, hypnobirthing teacher and pregnancy yoga and massage specialist. I’m on a mission to empower women to take ownership of their pregnancy and birth by giving them the tools and training to cope with whatever lies ahead.

I am thrilled to announce that I am now running pregnancy yoga courses and hypnobirthing courses from the Proper Northern Yoga stunning studio.

Each course offers something different – whether that’s the format, location or length of practice, or the course content itself.

Each of these carefully tailored courses will be taught by me, either in person or online.

Why Pregnancy Yoga?

Helps maintain a healthy mind & body

Increases strength & flexibility

Prepares the body for labour & delivery

Relieves common pregnancy complaints

Promotes connection with body & baby

Aids postnatal recovery

Pregnancy yoga is like having the most satisfying of all tricks up your sleeve!

Katie, pregnancy yoga mum

Not only does pregnancy yoga support your changing body by stretching and toning important muscle groups, strengthening the whole body and alleviating less favourable side-effects such as back pain, sickness, insomnia and shortness of breath, it is also a wholly effective way of mastering meditation and mindful breathing – invaluable in labour and once baby has arrived.

And now for the +…

If you have already experienced one of my hypnobirthing classes or enjoyed a pregnancy massage from me, you will know that I founded The Northern Birthing School with one primary goal – I wanted to make birth better!

I knew that my training, knowledge and hands-on experience meant that I could deliver this in more ways than one, and that’s why I chose to establish a full spectrum birthing school as opposed to focusing solely on just one element of pregnancy and birth support.

As The Northern Birthing School grows from strength to strength, I am reminded how intrinsically linked my teachings are.

Hypnobirthing, pregnancy yoga, pregnancy massage, postnatal care – they all centre around ensuring a calm and confident birth and they all go handinhand with one another.

With this in mind (always), my Yoga+ classes are pregnancy yoga first and foremost, combined with my hypnobirthing expertise and invaluable knowledge and practical skills as a midwife. You get the lot! And trust me, I won’t be holding anything back.

I’m elated to be able to offer not just one but three different Yoga+ courses – each serving a different need and locality – meaning wherever you are and whenever you are ready to get started, I can offer you a pregnancy yoga course to suit your needs.

Plus, if you want more than the Yoga+ courses offer, you will get early bird access to my hypnobirthing tasters and be the first to know about other classes from The Northern Birthing School.

Whether you choose to book one or several courses with The Northern Birthing School, rest assured that you are in the safest hands and I very much look forward to guiding you

through this exciting chapter in your life.

Your Yoga+ options…

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Go with the Flow

Pregnancy Yoga+, £30 for 5 weekly sessions, virtual

Discover and explore your new, ever-changing, and always beautiful body with this relaxing and restorative 6-week pregnancy Yoga+ programme.

This super accessible virtual course takes place entirely online and can be joined from anywhere in the world. I will guide you through some truly nurturing Yoga practices and techniques that can be safely practiced throughout the various stages of pregnancy.

On week 6 you can enjoy early bird access to a free hypnobirthing taster session. This draws your Go with the Flow course to a close in the most relaxing and restorative way – as well as giving you an insight into the wonderful world of hypnobirthing.

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Pregnancy Yoga+ – In-Studio, Kendal

with Alice Davies – Founder of The Northern Birthing School & Proper Northern Yoga, £60 for 6 weekly sessions

Actual face-to-face contact – with real humans – at a safe distance of course!

This is your opportunity to join me and a small group of women in the awesome Proper Northern Yoga studio, Kendal.

If you are expecting, and you fancy yourself a bit of calm – come and get involved.

For a healthy mind, body and soul, this soothing mix of pregnancy yoga, hypnobirthing practice and relaxation is the ultimate pregnancy support package, as well as being a fantastic way to meet other mums-to-be!

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NURTURE- a parent & baby, pregnancy and fertility class

with Alice Davies – Founder of The Northern Birthing School, £20 for a month virtual membership, £45 monthly in person for access to all classes or £7.95 drop-in.

Drop-in or sign-up – online or in-person – this one is for everyone.

This specialist midwife-led Yoga+ course has been carefully curated to offer exactly what it says on the tin! This is an extra special class for me!

For pregnancy, new parents (with or without babes in arms) and even mums who are trying or considering trying for another child; whatever your circumstances, this gentle and encouraging Yoga+ course will guide you on a journey of relaxation and recovery.

Growing and building your nurturing strength, you will have cultivated a special sense of calm and connection with mind, body and soul. You will have also learnt the necessary physical practices and soothing techniques to make sure this newly acquired state is never too far out of reach – something you will only come to value more and more with your baby in your arms!

Upcoming course details & bookings HERE classes due to commence in autumn 2020

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