Nicky & Marshall birth story

VBAC waterbirth story

Here is my vbac waterbirth birth story from our delivery yesterday (Easter Monday 22/04/19) – Nikki, Marshall, newborn Amelia and big sister Freya.
We still can’t thank you enough for everything you did for us.

Our first daughter was born via an emergency section due to failure to progress and a number of other complications. Because of this, we were a little anxious about this birth as we knew what could happen when trying for a vbac. But, we were open minded and happy to listen to advice but also research a little ourselves.

I had looked at hypnobirthing videos and asked foradvice from other mums who had used the breathing techniques during labour. 

Our second little beauty didn’t want to move out and at 40+5 we had a sweep which did nothing. The sweep was suggested to us at our 36 week consultation meeting as was being induced at 40+10. We did research into both of these and although we could have declined we didn’t mind going ahead with either as we knew our options were limited when trying for a vbac.

We were induced using one lot of gel 40+10 at 7pm Sunday evening. By the next morning around 4am contractions were fairly regular and getting more intense so we were moved up to delivery. There I was able to use gas and air and got through contractions which were picking up quickly but the ball and being active helped. 

At one point the contractions moved into my back for a while which was agony and left me begging for an epidural, but as it was staff change over at 8am I was told there was a wait for the anaesthetist due to them being in theatre.

When the new midwife came on shift she was very calming and very pro hypnobirthing, letting your body it’s own thing etc which I had looked into and practised a little but wasn’t sure if it would work for me!

It turns out she was absolutely brilliant!!! We could not have wished for a better midwife.

She moved us to a delivery suite with a birthing pool and wireless monitoring for CFM – both fantastic!

From there I used gas and air, held onto my husband for dear life and let myself go with the contractions. Around 9.30am there was no break between them and I started getting the urge to push and wanted to poo! As I hadn’t got to this stage last time I had no idea what to do but I was guided amazingly by the midwife. For about an hour there was a tiny lip of stubborn cervix that wouldn’t move but I still listened to my body and did what it wanted to do.

Between 9.30am and the birth at 11.27am I stayed in the pool going between being on my back and to all fours.

Around 11am the midwife must have known we were almost there as she suggested sitting on the toilet to try to wee but it was also to bring baby down and round – what an idea! It took three attempts to get out of the pool as it was like a comfort zone for me but I could feel a different kind of contraction once on the toilet and a lot of movement. As soon as baby’s head was appearing (I didn’t know I was that close) she said to get on all fours on the floor of the bathroom using husband to hold me up and listen to my body. She was also telling me how to push and breath when her head was coming out slowly and then two pushes later she was born!

I have a small tear that could have had two stitches but the midwife advised to leave it as it sat well and would knit together itself. I’m very bruised inside due to baby’s size but it’s absolutely nothing compared to the section recovery.

I wouldn’t have felt positive with everything if I hadn’t researched hypnobirthing and had an idea about what it was.But it all seriously down to you, Alice, we would not have managed that birth at all . I am so proud of myself.

Nikki x