Amy & Gary’s birth story of Poppy


From finding out I was pregnant to having multiple scans throughout the pregnancy to giving birth to my beautiful daughter. The pregnancy was a rollercoaster. I found out I was pregnant when I was just 2 weeks gone and it seemed like forever till our first scan and book in appointment which were amazing. From 25 weeks I had scans every fortnight as my little girl was plotting as being small and from 32 weeks she decided she wasn’t going to grow. A final scan at 37+2 weeks showed she had grown but was still plotting small at around 4lb. At 38+2 weeks I was induced.

Induction birth

Being induced was the most nerve wracking and exciting thing ever. They checked my cervix at 8pm and found I was already 2cm dilated so they used the gel on me and It worked by 2am I was 4cm. I spent 2 hours in the bath then went to bed and was woke up at 7am as they were ready for me in delivery suite. At 8 am I met Alice my midwife and the medical student. Alice explained everything and broke my waters at 8:15am. Contractions started almost instantly. They were intense and quick.

Alice made sure I was comfortable and had the lights off in the room with candles around and relaxing music playing. I found that laying on my front on the gas and air helped with the pain as it was all in my back. Alice showed my partner Gary how to massage my back whilst I was having contractions to make it easier. Honestly worked a treat. I was put on an IV drip of antibiotics as I was Strep B + and antisickness as I was sick from toast and the pain.

I remember asking Alice to check how far dilated I was as the contractions were getting quicker and stronger. At midday when Alice checked me I was 9cm and it was nearly time to deliver my little girl. Alice organised for a water pool to be run as I really wanted a water birth and I managed to get a water birth. Once I got into the water pool I found i could cope easier with the pain of the contractions and that I didn’t need the gas and air anymore. I began to push and oh my it was intense. It was burning and stinging but Alice and my partner Gary encouraged me through it. I stayed calm when I wanted to cry and didn’t stress because I thought that it would stress the baby out. I felt like giving up as it hurt but once I saw her head crowning it gave me the motivation to push her out.  I was pushing for about 20 minutes before my little girl arrived at 14:01.

Her birth

I have never felt relief as much as I did when she took her first breath and cried. I had skin to skin with her as well as delayed cord clamping to allow for her blood to come from the placenta. Gary cut the cord once it had stopped pulsating and by then it was time to deliver the placenta. I couldn’t do it by myself so with the help of an injection and Alice I delivered the placenta and was able to breastfeed my daughter. 

I honestly don’t think I would of stayed so calm if it wasn’t for the support of Alice and everything she did for us. She was completely calm and supportive the whole time. Thank you Alice.