Dimi & Evgeni’s birth story

Waterbirth/birth centre

I hope that our birth story will inspire many women to try at least some of that really beautiful philosophy called hypnobirthing.  

First of all, I want to thank (you) Alice, our amazing Hypnobirthing tutor and Midwife for helping us to see that birth can be so beautiful and filled with so much peace and calmness and showing us that no matter how your birth went, whether you had a Cesarean Birth or a Vaginal Birth the way you feel about your own experience is what matters most, positivity is within ourselves. 

This is my second delivery, I have two beautiful girls and two completely different births, different in a way I couldn’t possibly imagine. My first baby was induced and she was born safely but painfully. I must say I am positive about my birth because Alice made me think of that experience as something not so bad after all, we have a beautiful, healthy, clever girl, and we learnt our lessons, most importantly we have a second beautifully delivered baby without even a second of regret about it.
So here we are. The evening of 28th of August (which was our third year wedding anniversary) I did my evening yoga and alignment exercises, breathing techniques and off to bed at around 10 pm when I started having mild contractions. At around 12am we were to one at every 3 to 4 minutes painful but not as much so I started going through my affirmation cards then through the hospital bag again, and we set off for the hospital. 
We believed we will be on the Deliver Suite or the ward where women give birth when needing to be motorised more closely due to the risk of complications. The reason for that is that in our case was that I thought I was Group B Strep positive. However when they’ve done a check-up and discovered that wasn’t the case I had an examination and my birth plan changed for the good – I went on the amazing Preston Birth Centre Ward, in the most amazing room, named Windermere with my husband next to me. 

Two till four in the morning I did all sorts of unimaginable things that I never believed I could do when in labour. I bounced on a ball, I was on all four, I had myriad massages, walks around the room when at 4 am we decided it is time to get in the bath. All I did was to breath, lights were down, beautiful picture of a lake on the wall, quiet and safe with my husband next to me, I was still very responsive and chatty even though the surges were getting quite painful. At this point, I knew I would deliver my munchkin soon, and fast. At 6 am I was tired and a bit angry at myself and my husband of course which Alice told me about ten times is a completely natural reaction.

However, after being checked I was fully open which meant that things were happening as they should do. Went back in the bath and asked for the gas and air, it is not an epidural but it does make you feel drowsy and in my case “drunk”. After another painful hour and fifty-one minutes of quiet breathing and not hearing much from either my husband or Nikki (the midwife) at half-past seven in the morning (I am not going to lie) I screamed once or maybe twice, then pushed hardest I could and I felt a pop.

When I reached down under the water and felt that little beautiful head coming out, then I pushed a second time and her little head was out, the last push was the easiest, she was out in a second and she was GORGEOUS. The cord was around her neck but because she was under the water it meant that they can unwrap the cord safely as she would not take a breath when still in the water.

And there she was, on my belly, I felt so happy, empowered and amazed by what I have just done. I am Amazing, my body is amazing, my body is me and the surges were me, the things that I was repeating to myself for the past 4 months became reality.

So Hypnobirthing and its powers ladies, any of you who have doubts to do a course or watch even a video on Youtube about it, Do it, do it straight away do not delay.

If you are based in Lancashire, Connect Hypnobirthing (now The Northern Birthing School) with Alice is the way. Alice is amazing, the knowledge we gained and the reads we were recommended, the things we were shown, she is a walking encyclopedia. Breathing and calmness is the way to a beautiful birth, even if cesarean delivery is expected yo can still do it. 
I do hope my story will inspire women to at least open the internet and read about Hypnobirthing, the rest I am sure will come naturally just like my little Sofia.  

Regards Dimitriya