Emily & Matt homebirth

Homebirth waterbirth story.

We welcomed our little girl Georgia Rae Tyler into the world at 2.09pm on Tuesday 7th April weighing 8lb 1oz

I was 42 weeks exactly. Things started the evening before just after midnight and up until then I’d had no signs at all she was on the way. I had declined induction at 41 weeks so was praying things would start on their own, so glad I waited. By about 2am we rang the birth centre as contractions were coming regularly, but not strong enough. The wonderful Mandy came to see us and left around 6/7am, but I wasn’t quite there yet so was told to call back when things ramped up, I was managing using the TENS machine we had rented. By about 9am they were getting stronger.

Matt ran me a bath but I couldn’t get comfy in there so got straight back out and on the bed. Soon after our midwife Wendy arrived and things progressed quickly. I felt immediately at ease with her there and she taught Matt my husband how to rub my back proporly lol! Moved onto the gas and air and was into established labour by 10am. Matt was filling the pool with cold water as it was too hot and I remember keep asking why it was taking so long .

At one point I didn’t think I’d make it down the stairs and would just give birth in bed, but did a quick dash and made it! The pool felt wonderful and this was the spot. I lost my plug in the pool and I think my waters went in here too but not sure. Wendy was joined by our second midwife Julie as I was nearing the finish line, and this gave me a little pick me up as I knew this meant I was closer . I started to read my affirmations stuck on the wall which really helped me to focus, and Matt was feeding me starburst in between surges .

Feeling her little head full of hair was just amazing and after a few more pushes she was in my arms We are over the moon and so happy that we got the homebirth we planned, and cannot thank the wonderful midwifes enough for their support. We are super proud parents and hope that things get better soon so we can show her off and she can meet her family and friends.

xx Emily & Matt xx