Katy & Dean’s birth waterbirth

Katy & Dean prepared for birth with hypnobirthing, and went on to have a wonderful waterbirth on Preston Birth Centre

When I knew we were expecting, other than Being beyond excited, I couldn’t help but feel anxious about what was to come with the birth. You hear all the horror stories from everyone and I wondered how on earth I was ever going to actually birth my baby! After hearing about hypnobirthing from social media and friends I looked into it and realised this would be something that might help me prepare for the birth. Alice at Connect Hypnobirthing (now The Northern Birthing School) popped up on my Facebook through a mutual friend and I’m so glad she did!! My birth was amazing and I can honestly say it is down to Alice that I was able to relax, feel safe, empowered and understand what was best for me and our baby.

From that moment of first contact Alice was wonderful at keeping me informed and helping me through any queries during the pregnancy. She helped me get started with breathing exercises and visualisations leading up to the course. Me and my partner chose the weekend course and it was the best thing we did.  The biggest thing for me was knowing what was going to happen to my body and when.. I needed to know it to calm my nerves and the course was so informative on each stage of labor and gave me the tools to deal with what could happen. Alice is just wonderful and made me and my partner feel so comfortable with any questions we had..as a hypnobirthing teacher, you couldn’t ask for more. She explained everything so clearly which helped me to picture exactly how I wanted to birth my baby, but also helped me to know what I could do/ options I had if things didn’t go to ‘plan’ .

One of the main things that helped me was the different breathing techniques .. I was over due by 10 days when my early labor started and breathing through those early surges for the two days that followed (!!)using what we learnt, helped me get to 5cm dilated without really knowing! Massage was also key at this point. We learnt some great techniques to help make sure the baby was in the correct position and massage points to relieve the pressure.

After a sweep, the surges got stronger so we went into  Preston birth centre-the most relaxed and calming environment you could wish for to birth your baby. The staff were wonderful and couldn’t do enough to make me feel as relaxed as possible.

I managed with no pain relief for around 10 hours when I was then offered gas and air as I was starting to get tired. It’s 100% down to the techniques we learnt in hypnobirthing (breathing and massage) that I had the focus and confidence in my body that it would know what to do during labour and I trusted this throughout. I also must mention my partner here–hypnobirthing is not just about the mother, he had a great birth experience too and felt fully involved and supportive of me throughout because he knew what was happening. Thanks to our classes we worked as a team and he was  amazed how well hypnobirthing worked for us.

I continued on just gas and air and managed to get into the water (I had always wanted a water birth!) until my little girl arrived at 9.14am on the 9th February. Hypnobirthing worked wonders for me and I would recommend it to anyone, especially those who are a little anxious about the birth!

Love Katy x