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Tailored to you 1-1 Hypnobirthing

For the Tailored to You 1-1 Hypnobirthing Course, I support just 2 family’s a month. This ensures that I am available to give my full attention and time to YOU and your growing family’s needs. Growing a new human is HARD WORK! So it can feel really good to share some of that load, and be supported to learn about your upcoming pregnancy, birth and new parent options. I will guide you through your overwhelm, so you leave your time with me feeling calm and prepared. I want you to know your body, know your power and develop a new trust in your birth partner that they will guide you too.

I know you might be worried about your birth partner feeling like its not really for them, but trust me, in one session I can transform their view too. Hypnobirthing isn’t wishy washy voodoo. It is science! They will leave with a list of things to focus on from now to labour, so they will feel confident in making choices with you, and knowing exactly what they can do for you in labour and birth. There will be no ‘spare parts’ in your birth room. This is NOT OBEM!

What I can offer you, is all the training and support to help you develop the most robust toolkit possible, empowering you to take ownership of your pregnancy and birthing experiences, whatever lies ahead.
From the moment you find out you are pregnant you are in for a magical but wholly unpredictable ride.
Pregnancy and birth are absolutely amazing. You and your body are absolutely amazing! The things it can and will do are nature’s greatest miracle and you are about to go on an adventure like nothing you have ever imagined before.

1-1 what is included

Hypnobirthing 1-1 what is included

Private Hypnobirthing offered in comfort of your own home. You can choose to take the course live online with full interaction or if you live within 20 miles of LA9 7DE you may choose to have your sessions in the comfort of your own home or garden. Find out more about my private 1-1 hypnobirthing course and why it might be the best option for you, call for a free 30 minute chat.

Please contact me to discuss dates and times to suit you, prior to booking.

Private sessions run over the course of your pregnancy as suits you and your needs. Many couples choose to take 4, 2 hour sessions as main content plus additional chats throughout your pregnancy and early labour to check in and discuss your options and birth plans, as they arise.

  • How will my body work in labour?

    Birth physiology is basically how your body will respond to being in labour. Find out what hormones are at play? How you can maximise the hormones you do want, and have less of the hormones your don’t? How do these and your baby’s position play a part in the length and strength of your surges and labour? How can your partner or midwife use tools such as massage and rebozo to shorten and make you more comfortable during your birth?

  • Fear and the birthing room

    It is very normal to feel fear when you think about birth. That is what society has conditioned us to do. BUT it is not helpful in allowing us to release our baby’s calmly into this world. Where do these fears come from and how can we reduce our exposure to ‘the bad birth stories’ whilst pregnant? How does fear impact your mind and body’s reponse to labour? You can feel excited about birth! You may even experience euphoria during your baby’s birth!

  • What is hypnosis?

    Will I be hypnotised? Well yes but no….you will be learning how to self hypnotise. This means you take yourself to a calming place, where you feel safe, comfortable and at ease. This deep relaxation reduces the birth sensations you may be feeling to make them more comfortable for you. Everyone experiences labour differently but you will be experiencing labour the very best for you with hypnobirthing.

  • How can I make a hospital birth calming?

    Did you know that a hospital delivery suite or labour ward (obstetric led unit) can be as calming and peaceful an environment as a birth centre? On The Northern Birthing School class you will learn how to create that beautiful environment wherever you and your baby need to be.

  • My birthing partner won't know what to do

    After one of our hypnobirthing courses, your birthing partner will know exactly how to be your very best advocate, calming supporter and cheerleader. They won’t be sat in the corner reading, actually they won’t be sat at all. Instead they will leave our class with a long list of practical tools to keep you feeling centered, focussed and in control.

  • I am worried I won't have any options in my birth

    I have experienced as a midwife women feeling trapped by certain decisions in birth. However I want to arm you with clear communication tools to ensure you can approach any conversation and decision with a midwife or doctor confidently. Know what your options are before you need to make a decision in labour, as we will explore common challenges you may face, and how to deal with them. If your ‘birth plan’ feels like its going off course, you will know how to remain in control so that you can look back on your birth positively, no matter how it happens.

  • I don't know what to write in my birth plan? Should I even have one?

    Writing a birth plan can feel daunting so with a midwife guiding you, not in a rushed appointment, but over the weeks of your pregnancy, you can piece together your birth plan so that it is informed and using the very best evidence. Alice will be on hand for questions, and to sign post you to the best additional materials for writing your own personalised birth plan.

  • I am worried about breastfeeding and if I will even be able to do it

    Breastfeeding is hard, as is being a new parent, especially for the first time. Or maybe you are anxious about how having a new baby might change your family dynamic. A Northern Birthing School hypnobirthing course teaches not just about birth, but we also spend time ensuring you feel confident about the early days and weeks after birth. You will be guided to write your own postnatal plan and put in place the support you need for when your baby is here. Alice is on hand after birth should you have any questions or need additional support.

  • How might coronavirus affect my pregnancy and birth?

    This is a challenging time and especially so if you are pregnant. As a midwife Alice is well placed to be able to provide up-to-date information on guidelines, hospital practices and safety for you and your baby.

  • I am having an elective caesarean birth, hypnobirthing isn't for those

    Did you know there are anaesthetists in the North West who are trained especially in hypnosis for birth because they care for women with tocophobia (fear of giving birth) daily. As birth professionals we know hypnobirthing works! You can have a calming positive caesarean birth, and our course goes through all the tools you need to achieve that and feel well as you recover.

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Expert midwife and hypnobirthing teacher, Alice du Preez, is dedicated to delivering better pregnancy and birth experiences to all. Specialising in hypnobirthing, pregnancy yoga and pregnancy massage – with a side of tea and biscuits and a good old natter!

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