2021 Courses Update

Hello 2021! Hello pregnancy bump!

I hope you are feeling well. This is an uncertain time- BUT I want to offer you some confidence, empowerment and excitement for your upcoming birth.

As a midwife, and parent I know the importance of feeling heard and nurtured as your bump grows.

I want to be your additional support person, I can teach you and your birthing partner the in’s and out’s of the science and physiology of pregnancy, birth and your baby moon! We work through all the content you need to have a calm birth- whatever form that takes! BUT I also ensure you know how to move your body and prepare your body and baby for birth. So labour stalls, slow progress, caesarean births, episiotomies, lying on your back….all the things you hear about in the media, become less likely, as you and your baby start to work and move better together.

You can secure your space in my next upcoming course below.

You will get small groups, tonnes of interaction, all your questions answered and so much ongoing learning to do at your own pace.

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A right northern welcome to The Northern Birthing School

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I’ve got you, and you’ve got this

Qualified hypnobirthing teacher and experienced midwife dedicated to bettering birth experiences for the whole family 
  • About me

    Hello, I’m Alice du Preez and I’m right here – at the end of the phone or email – ready and waiting to help you make the most of your pregnancy and ensure a calm and confident birth.

    I offer a totally bespoke range of services from pregnancy through to birth. Hypnobirthing classes in small groups or 1-1 sessions (whatever suits you), pregnancy yoga classes (trust me, these are a game-changer) and soothing pregnancy massage in the comfort of your own home.

    When I founded The Northern Birthing School, I did so with the sole purpose of making birth better. I believe this starts way before your due date.

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Bringing a better birth

Did you hear the one about the perfect birth? The one where everything happened like clockwork, there was pain relief on standby but it wasn’t needed because Mum breathed baby out with ease and not so much as a second of worry, much to the joy of the patient and attentive birthing partner who knew exactly what to do. No last-minute changes to the birth plan, no stress, no panic – pure unbridled happy tears!

Well, allow me to clear something up right away. That is not what I’m selling. And you should be very wary of anyone who claims to be.

However, what I can offer you, is all the training and support to help you develop the most robust toolkit possible, empowering you to take ownership of your pregnancy and birthing experiences, whatever lies ahead.

Your positive birth story starts here.

Why do I teach hypnobirthing?

A little bit about me and what I do

  • Are you feeling anxious about your birth?

    Trust me, I’m a midwife, we’re in this together

    When you book a course with me, you get my support and guidance right through from booking to after your baby is born. I’ve got you, and you’ve got this. You can start to feel more excited about your pregnancy and birth again.

    My course will take you from feeling….to…
  • Are you worried about your birthing partner being 'on board'

    Actually our couples who have taken courses have fed back how learning about hypnobirthing has made them both feel better about birth. It gives your birth partner things to focus on during labour, and makes them feel so much more confident in making choices together.

    My course will take you from feeling….to…
  • Out of control?

    A Northern Birthing School course will take you from feeling out of control to calm and excited. Experienced midwife, Alice du Preez, empowers women to take ownership of their pregnancy and birthing experiences by giving them the tools to cope with whatever lies ahead. Offering hypnobirthing, pregnancy yoga and pregnancy massage – with a side of northern soul.

    My course will take you from feeling….to…
  • "I loved our time on Alice’s course it was a great opportunity to reduce anxiety before birth through knowledge and hypnobirthing techniques. You will leave feeling more positive about birth"

    JessA hypnobirthing mum
  • Jess

    "Very empowering, very positive, gives you the confidence that you and your body can give birth no matter what! I was overwhelmed to with how many wonderful resources we have received. I really like that the fact we had a mixture of online and concrete tools to take away with us. The little goody box and massage oil was a lovely touch. Overall great value for money!"

    SamHypnobirthing Group Course October 2019
  • Sam

    "Where do I start? Everything was relevant & really developed mine & my partners understanding of how to prepare for labour. In particular, we loved the massage techniques, breathing techniques, guided relaxations and positive language. I would say that I got more from the course than I ever thought was possible and not only do I now feel more relaxed about giving birth I actually see it in a huge positive light and appreciate how amazing it can be with the right mindset."

    TomA brilliant birth partner & dad
  • Tom

    "I would definitely recommend this course to every couple expecting a baby. Alice is truly amazing at what she does and we have learnt so much from her. Michael and I were both a little clueless when it came to birth and equally felt rather nervous about the whole experience to come. The course has completely changed our mindset, we now feel educated and empowered to make decisions about our positive birth experience. It was also a great chance to meet other likeminded parents."

    KatyHypnobirthing Group Course
  • Can you feel THIS excited about your upcoming birth?

    “We really enjoyed this weekend, we learnt loads and feel really positive and excited about the arrival of little one. The group we were apart of was great and I hope we all stay in touch.
    Thank you for creating such a fantastic course, and providing the continued friendly support”
  • What do you need to know about birth?

    “We definitely feel more confident and dare I say looking forward to the birth. Learning about the labour process made us realise we actually didn’t know much about it – apart from people’s horror stories and tv/films. Thanks again- have been recommending the course and hypnobirthing to everyone!”
  • Am I hypnobirthing if I have a caesarean birth?

    “First of all, I want to thank (you) Alice, our amazing Hypnobirthing tutor and Midwife for helping us to see that birth can be so beautiful and filled with so much peace and calmness and showing us that no matter how your birth went, whether you had a caesarean birth or a Vaginal Birth the way you feel about your own experience is what matters most, positivity is within ourselves” Dimi

  • Give your birth partner the very best confidence to be by your side

    “During labour, particularly the time at home, Rob was the best painkiller and I needed him near me at all times. He had learnt how important his support would be and responded to my every need. ” Vicky

Trust me, I’m a midwife – I’ve got you and you’ve got this!

Hello, I’m Alice du Preez and I’m right here – at the end of the phone or email – ready and waiting to help you make the most of your pregnancy and ensure a calm and confident birth. 

Alice du Preez

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Love Alice x