A comprehensive support system with a focus on empowering expectant mothers and informing birthing partners. Established by practicing midwife and fully trained hypnobirthing professional, The Northern Birthing School has everything you need for a calm, confident and intuitive experience throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond.

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Why do I teach hypnobirthing?

A little bit about me and what I do

  • How will my body work in labour?

    Birth physiology is basically how your body will respond to being in labour. Find out what hormones are at play? How you can maximise the hormones you do want, and have less of the hormones your don’t? How do these and your baby’s position play a part in the length and strength of your surges and labour? How can your partner or midwife use tools such as massage and rebozo to shorten and make you more comfortable during your birth?

  • Fear and the birthing room

    It is very normal to feel fear when you think about birth. That is what society has conditioned us to do. BUT it is not helpful in allowing us to release our baby’s calmly into this world. Where do these fears come from and how can we reduce our exposure to ‘the bad birth stories’ whilst pregnant? How does fear impact your mind and body’s reponse to labour? You can feel excited about birth! You may even experience euphoria during your baby’s birth!

  • What is hypnosis?

    Will I be hypnotised? Well yes but no….you will be learning how to self hypnotise. This means you take yourself to a calming place, where you feel safe, comfortable and at ease. This deep relaxation reduces the birth sensations you may be feeling to make them more comfortable for you. Everyone experiences labour differently but you will be experiencing labour the very best for you with hypnobirthing.

  • How can I make a hospital birth calming?

    Did you know that a hospital delivery suite or labour ward (obstetric led unit) can be as calming and peaceful an environment as a birth centre? On The Northern Birthing School class you will learn how to create that beautiful environment wherever you and your baby need to be.

  • My birthing partner won't know what to do

    After one of our hypnobirthing courses, your birthing partner will know exactly how to be your very best advocate, calming supporter and cheerleader. They won’t be sat in the corner reading, actually they won’t be sat at all. Instead they will leave our class with a long list of practical tools to keep you feeling centered, focussed and in control.

  • I am worried I won't have any options in my birth

    I have experienced as a midwife women feeling trapped by certain decisions in birth. However I want to arm you with clear communication tools to ensure you can approach any conversation and decision with a midwife or doctor confidently. Know what your options are before you need to make a decision in labour, as we will explore common challenges you may face, and how to deal with them. If your ‘birth plan’ feels like its going off course, you will know how to remain in control so that you can look back on your birth positively, no matter how it happens.

  • I don't know what to write in my birth plan? Should I even have one?

    Writing a birth plan can feel daunting so with a midwife guiding you, not in a rushed appointment, but over the weeks of your pregnancy, you can piece together your birth plan so that it is informed and using the very best evidence. Alice will be on hand for questions, and to sign post you to the best additional materials for writing your own personalised birth plan.

  • I am worried about breastfeeding and if I will even be able to do it

    Breastfeeding is hard, as is being a new parent, especially for the first time. Or maybe you are anxious about how having a new baby might change your family dynamic. A Northern Birthing School hypnobirthing course teaches not just about birth, but we also spend time ensuring you feel confident about the early days and weeks after birth. You will be guided to write your own postnatal plan and put in place the support you need for when your baby is here. Alice is on hand after birth should you have any questions or need additional support.

  • How might coronavirus affect my pregnancy and birth?

    This is a challenging time and especially so if you are pregnant. As a midwife Alice is well placed to be able to provide up-to-date information on guidelines, hospital practices and safety for you and your baby.

  • I am having an elective caesarean birth, hypnobirthing isn't for those

    Did you know there are anaesthetists in the North West who are trained especially in hypnosis for birth because they care for women with tocophobia (fear of giving birth) daily. As birth professionals we know hypnobirthing works! You can have a calming positive caesarean birth, and our course goes through all the tools you need to achieve that and feel well as you recover.

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Best-Seller Hypnobirthing – Group Course, £225

If you’re interested in harnessing the power of hypnobirthing with me, this is THE ONE! 

I have poured my heart and soul into creating this fun, welcoming and informative group course which typically takes between four and six couples at a time – never more than six. 

This course cost covers both you and your birthing partner, ensuring you can both learn everything you need for a calm, positive birth. 

Once booked you will receive access to a huge resource workbook and online library of MP3’s, birth informational videos and positive birth images. You can also message anytime for additional support 1:1 prior to or after your course date.

Our group course is currently being taught online, so that you can access it safely from your own home. As soon as public health guidance permits we will consider moving back to in person courses, but I have your safety at heart….so watch this space!

If you book a course and we find during your pregnancy that in person courses can run, I will seek to secure our beautiful venue and will provide you the option of continuing online or joining us in person. The course cost will remain the same from the time you book.

What is the investment?

What is the investment?

  • A group hypnobirthing course is £225 .
  • You will be able to meet other expectant parents of a similar number of weeks of pregnancy as you.
  • Our course includes 8 + hours of live interactive teaching
  • Small groups ensuring you have personalised support
  • Ongoing support throughout your pregnancy and during your early postnatal weeks
  • A treat bag posted to your home, with The Northern Birthing School course workbook, large labour positions poster, birth timeline chart, and staying calm poster. Plus organic massage balm, breastfeeding nipple balm, a teething necklace, affirmation cards and exclusive discounts worth over £40
  • Access to Align Your Baby module created by The Hypnobirthing Midwife worth £28
  • Access to 10 hypnobirthing MP3’s. These are truly relaxing hypnobirthing MP3’s; beautifully written, calmly produced, over 30 minute recordings.
  • Includes access for your birthing partner to all sessions
  • Access to a ongoing private facebook community group with the expertise of a pregnancy yoga teacher, massage therapist and midwife
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  • Can you feel THIS positive about your birth?

    “We really enjoyed this weekend, we learnt loads and feel really positive and excited about the arrival of little one. The group we were apart of was great and I hope we all stay in touch.
    Thank you for creating such a fantastic course, and providing the continued friendly support”
  • What do you need to know about birth?

    “We definitely feel more confident and dare I say looking forward to the birth. Learning about the labour process made us realise we actually didn’t know much about it – apart from people’s horror stories and tv/films. Thanks again- have been recommending the course and hypnobirthing to everyone!”
  • Am I hypnobirthing if I have a caesarean birth?

    “First of all, I want to thank (you) Alice, our amazing Hypnobirthing tutor and Midwife for helping us to see that birth can be so beautiful and filled with so much peace and calmness and showing us that no matter how your birth went, whether you had a Cesarian Birth or a Vaginal Birth the way you feel about your own experience is what matters most, positivity is within ourselves” Dimi

  • Give your birth partner the very best confidence to be by your side

    “During labour, particularly the time at home, Rob was the best painkiller and I needed him near me at all times. He had learnt how important his support would be and responded to my every need. ” Vicky

  • "I loved our time on Alice’s course it was a great opportunity to reduce anxiety before birth through knowledge and hypnobirthing techniques. You will leave feeling more positive about birth"

    JessA hypnobirthing mum
  • Jess

    "Very empowering, very positive, gives you the confidence that you and your body can give birth no matter what! I was overwhelmed to with how many wonderful resources we have received. I really like that the fact we had a mixture of online and concrete tools to take away with us. The little goody box and massage oil was a lovely touch. Overall great value for money!"

    SamHypnobirthing Group Course October 2019
  • Sam

    "Where do I start? Everything was relevant & really developed mine & my partners understanding of how to prepare for labour. In particular, we loved the massage techniques, breathing techniques, guided relaxations and positive language. I would say that I got more from the course than I ever thought was possible and not only do I now feel more relaxed about giving birth I actually see it in a huge positive light and appreciate how amazing it can be with the right mindset."

    TomA brilliant birth partner & dad
  • Tom

    "I would definitely recommend this course to every couple expecting a baby. Alice is truly amazing at what she does and we have learnt so much from her. Michael and I were both a little clueless when it came to birth and equally felt rather nervous about the whole experience to come. The course has completely changed our mindset, we now feel educated and empowered to make decisions about our positive birth experience. It was also a great chance to meet other likeminded parents."

    KatyHypnobirthing Group Course

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